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I had the privilege of training with Ümit over the past two years, and the experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment we started with strength training, it was evident that I was in the hands of a true professional. Ümit exudes a passion for fitness that is infectious. His extensive knowledge of exercise and physiology is matched only by his care for his clients’ well-being. He took the time to understand my goals, limitations (f.e. knee injury) and preferences, tailoring each session to maximize results while ensuring safety and enjoyment.
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I’ve been with Ümit for about 15 months now and can’t recommend him enough. From day 1 he has been there with me helping me through my knee injury. I was worried that I might need to stop playing soccer after my knee surgery. But Ümit reassured me that with the right training I would be back 100%. And sure enough I’ve never been fitter or stronger than I am now. All thanks to Umit and his extensive knowledge about the human body. Thank you Coach Ümit
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After years of training I was never able to take the step from a scaled crossfit athlete to intermediate. I knew I had to do something different. So I got in touch with Ümit. I am proud to say, after 9 months of online coaching. I competed in not only one. But TWO intermediate competitions this year. This would not be possible without Ümit. He really knows what he is doing and it shows. He was there every step of the way. He even came for my qualifier workouts to help setup, judge and motivate. Can’t thank him enough!
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I am so happy to work together with Ümit. I meet him in person 2 times a week and he programs 2 training days I do by myself in the gym. It is so great that I am able to meet him and do my own trainings all supervised my him. I thought I would never be able to do pull-ups. But we finally managed to do one 6 months after we started together. I am so happy about about that! Thank you Coach!!
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Great Coach that takes his time to individualize all customer programs. Everything is tailored towards the athlete's goal, weaknesses or injuries. Still working with him for almost 1.5 years now and still getting better and stronger.
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Clearly 5/5 Stars! I couldn’t imagine anyone else being my coach for my individual training plan. Based on what I say I want to focus on, he works out a training plan. Adjustments are possible at any time without discussion. No matter what it is about. Umit is available almost 24/7 and helps you with questions or uncertainties. Thank you for guiding me on my journey!
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Since I started training with Umit, my progress has been outstanding. I have gained exceptional upper-body strength, which has contributed significantly to an overall boost in my physical abilities, confidence, and endurance. Beyond his impressive expertise and skills, Umit’s friendly and supportive nature truly sets him apart. I am deeply grateful for the positive impact he has had on my fitness journey. Thank you!
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Rating: 5/5 Been my Coach for over 2 years, amazing guy and amazing personalized programming to help you reach any goal! Once Umit became my coach my progress took a huge leap forward. He’s always available to help with any questions or concerns and makes sure you’re doing well and on the right track!